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Founder of Nest is moving on

Tony Fadell, explaining his departure from the company he founded, tells the New York Times it was time to move on. Fadell was a co-founder of Nest in 2010, and led the maker of smart home devices for six years, including the last two under the ownership of Google.

June 7, 2016  By  SP&T Staff

Fadell’s departure comes after months of controversy regarding his leadership, according to a June 3 story in the New York Times.

While some media sites describe “stymied product development and disappointing revenue growth” at Nest, a statement from Alphabet, Google’s parent company, says Nest’s revenue growth was in excess of 50 per cent a year since it began shipping products in 2011.

Nest is the linchpin of Alphabet’s bet on the emerging smart home market. Fadell will be succeeded by Marwan Fawaz, a former executive vice president of Motorola Mobility, the mobile phone maker Google bought in 2011.

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