Plug-in sirens for the home

Wednesday September 09, 2015
Qolsys has added the IQ Temp & IQ Siren to its expanding portfolio of connected sensors and smart devices.

IQ Temp
The Qolsys IQ Temp warns of severe temperature changes and detects high (~100 degrees F) or low (~40 degrees F) temperatures depending on the users desired monitoring (i.e. freezing pipes or home comfort). Homeowners are alerted to the danger via text message and on-screen notifications on the IQ Panel. The IQ Temp uses a new antenna design enabling better performance on a variety of surfaces, including metal doors, and has a 8-10 year battery life.
IQ Siren
The IQ Siren is a wireless Z-Wave siren that plugs into any standard wall outlet. It provides a simple way to add sirens to multiple locations throughout the home while boosting the performance of your Z-Wave network by acting as a repeater. Featuring a Generation 5 Z-Wave chip for extended range, it also includes a 3 hour rechargeable back up battery.

The IQ Siren has a loud, 105 db siren and is enhanced with three LED lights that strobe during alarm events, adding visual notification to the powerful audible alarm.


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