Perimeter Protection
Fibre optic intrusion detection

Senstar’s FiberPatrol-PR fence-mounted fibre optic intrusion detection system now detects and locates intrusions over a distance of up to 24 km per processor, a 50 per cent increase from the previous capability of 16 km.

May 31, 2016
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff
FiberPatrol-PR intrusion detection system can detect and locate intrusions up to 24 km away.

FiberPatrol-PR pinpoints intrusions with a +/- 8 meter accuracy and locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions or in the presence of non-localized environmental noise. No power or conductive items are required in the field, making FiberPatrol-PR completely immune to EMI and lightning and intrinsically safe in the presence of explosive atmospheres.

FiberPatrol-PR is fully operational after a cable cut in a cut-immune configuration.

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