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EyeQ launches video enhancement technology

July 26, 2021  By  Alanna Fairey

EyeQ screenshots before and after (image courtesy EyeQ Imaging)

EyeQ Imaging, a Calgary-based digital imaging company, has developed an AI-based technology that could be useful to the security industry.

EyeQ recently expanded into providing automatic photo correction for some of the largest printing labs across the world.

“Once we infiltrated that market, we’ve expanded so that our technology can now be implemented anywhere,” said Sarah Lefebvre, director of marketing, in a recent interview with SP&T News.

With two decades of photo editing, Lefebvre said that the company was then able to take those skills and move into the artificial intelligence (AI) space.


EyeQ recently launched Perfectly Clear Video, an AI video enhancement technology, into its global markets.

Perfectly Clear Video uses AI to automatically enhance videos and offers a new way to combat limitations businesses face such as low-quality cameras, bad lighting and complex editing sliders.

Perfectly Clear Video automatically applies the same types of adjustments that professional retouchers would do.

While the technology has not yet been licensed to a security business, Lefebvre believes that Perfectly Clear Video will serve a purpose for the industry.

“That will be really huge for security because there are certain times of day that you can’t control [and] certain lighting conditions that are out of your control.”

Lefebvre envisions the Perfectly Clear Video solution being useful for circumstances where cameras are set up outdoors and get a bit of a glare, or shadows obscure the person in the video.

“When you think automatic video correction, it can be more like appraising or quality,” Lefebvre explained. “But because we’re using AI, we’re able to target specific parts of the video. One thing that would be really useful for the security industry is that this video technology can automatically brighten a face in a backlit setting.”

Looking ahead, Lefebvre said that EyeQ’s top priority is to continue looking for businesses to be able to license the Perfectly Clear Video solution and then push it out to their consumers and users.

“I’m really excited about this –– to be able to be licensed, and I think that once it is, it will be a huge improvement and upgrade,” Lefebvre concluded.

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