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EyeQ launches new AI video enhancement technology

June 22, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

EyeQ Imaging Inc. has launched Perfectly Clear Video, an AI video enhancement technology, into its global markets.

Perfectly Clear Video uses artificial intelligence to automatically enhance videos and offers a new way to combat limitations businesses face such as low-quality cameras, bad lighting and complex editing sliders. It automatically applies the same types of adjustments that professional retouchers would do and can be integrated directly into any video pipeline.

“The EyeQ team is very excited about unveiling our video enhancement technology at this time,” said Brad Malcolm, EyeQ’s co-founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. “Whether you’re a phone OEM, an application developer, or a webcam or video conference provider, Perfectly Clear Video delivers a powerful performance to enhance your video and amaze your customers.”

Jeff Stephens, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at EyeQ, notes how machine learning allows new automated solutions for problems that were previously impossible.


“Our AI Video correction applies the same types of adjustments that professional retouchers would do,” noted Stephens. “The ability to do this in milliseconds allows us to solve some of the most difficult video enhancement problems in real time such as detecting and then brightening the faces on a video conference, removing glaring tint from a selfie video in a low-light bar or restaurant, or gaining important detail out of surveillance footage. All this in a solution that can be embedded in IOT devices, run on servers, or deployed in desktop or mobile applications.”

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