Extending signals

JobSite Systems has released its line of Cat-5 balun transformers that enable extended cable runs of various audio/video signals via Cat-5 wire in place of coaxial cables.

August 15, 2007
By Staff

The all-metal chassis and passive
circuitry in JobSite Cat-5 balun transformers can be located in structured
wiring cabinets, equipment racks and behind connected components. Because their
circuitry is passive, no AC or DC electrical connection is required. Cat-5
balun transformer pairs do not require source-end/receiving-end designation
which simplifies ordering and installation.

Normally used in pairs, each Cat-5 balun
transformer model is designed with a specific application in mind such as
analogue audio, digital audio composite video, S-video, cable TV, component
video and digital audio, S-video and analogue audio, and VGA signal

Jobsite Systems

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