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Explosion-proof housing

Oncam Grandeye's Evolution ExD camera range has been designed for operation in potentially explosive locations, as well as in harsh and hazardous environmental conditions, such as on an oil rig or gas production facility. Oncam Grandeye’s explosion-proof housing has been awarded the ExD-certified logo for electrical appliances used in the oil and gas industry. ExD certification is known within the oil and gas industry, and means that the external enclosure of flameproof equipment is designed to withstand internal or external explosions. Sparks emitted can cause major explosions if they come into contact with flammable gasses or liquids. The casing is made of lightweight stainless steel that is suited for use within offshore and onshore environments. The camera and housing come pre-configured, so no configuration is required to plug and play. It is available in single mode and multi-mode convertors.


November 27, 2012
By Staff

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