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Remember when your house only had a deadbolt, public washrooms were only privacy function locksets, your office had only one lock and you had to issue 1000 keys for it? How things have changed. Now your front door has a camera and smart lock, washrooms now have automatic operators and accessories, your office door now has a reader with cards that are programmed remotely.

Change is good. The features built into today’s security are beneficial for everyone. Now you have confirmation of whether a door is locked or not, access has indeed been revoked, scheduling is in effect or who’s at my door all from a click of your mouse or phone. The built-in safety features in today’s restroom kits provide peace of mind with both audio and visual status of the opening including built-in emergency features.

As the products change so does the ask from the customer. If you’re not well versed in any one aspect of a project, either the mechanical or electronics side, what do you do, who do you call? That’s where your distribution partner comes in.

A lot has changed in our industry and distribution has changed with it. Distribution is your product and application specialists, your virtual warehouse, your trouble shooter, your sounding board, and a true partner committed to your success.


With the advent of electronic hardware, the distribution landscape has also changed. Where originally there was only mechanical hardware distributors, the market shifted to include both mechanical and electronic (security) distributors. This made sense as each specialized in their segment of the market. Over time the division between the two segments has been blurred where each segment now carries product typically available from the other. This can be attributed to dealers asking for products or solutions not currently being offered by their distributor, distributors looking to increase market share by expanding their product portfolio or new products being made available to them through the channel.

]Distribution has had to keep pace with these developments by educating their team on new products, evaluating their stock position, creating marketing collateral, updating websites – no easy task. Now more than ever there are sourcing options available to dealers. Due to today’s global supply chain issues people are being prompted to look at different avenues to source the products they need. Whether it be sourcing the same product from a different supplier or a different product capable of doing the same job from a new supplier, the struggle is real.

Whether it be electrifying an existing lock, updating washrooms with operators and controls to a smart lock for the front door – IDN Canada is committed to finding the right solution for your application. For the better part of 9 decades IDN Canada has been a leading distributor of electronic and mechanical hardware across Canada. We have access to 100’s of best in class brands, most recently adding 10 new industry leading lines to our electronics portfolio. We have 9 stocking locations across Canada and a network of 50+ locations across North America. We pride ourselves in offering “old-school” customer service with product experts in all categories available to assist in providing the complete solution for you on your next project.

We make security simple. www.idn-inc.ca

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