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Electronic lock keeps unauthorized hands out of the pharmaceutical cookie jar

Videx has launched CyberLock, an access control solution for drug cabinets, targeted for use in facilities such as hospitals, long-term care and medical clinics that are experiencing problems securing their pharmaceuticals.

March 13, 2008
By Staff

According to the vendor, CyberLock quickly converts mechanical lock
hardware to a full-functioning electronic access control system by
replacing the mechanical cylinders inside the existing cabinet locks
with CyberLock electronic cylinders. No structural modifications or
wiring are required for installation. The device gives users key
control and the ability to audit traffic to pharmaceutical cabinets
throughout their departments: both the electronic lock and key store a
record of openings and denied entries. The system includes the
CyberLock electronic cylinder that cannot be compromised by picking and
the electronic key that cannot be duplicated. Each authorized user’s
key can be programmed to access selected locks on specific days and
only during certain times on those days. A “lost” key can be quickly
blocked from the system, making it inactive. In addition, keys can be
set with a date to begin operation as well as an expiration date.


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