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PowerG provides stable, secure connectivity, 2-way encryption and extended range with distance exceeding 4,000 feet. We took an IQ Lock-PG and connected it with an IQ Panel 4 on the opposite side of Niagara Falls. Will it work?! Click the link below to find out!
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Hanwha Vision’s intelligent surveillance solutions are built to deliver everything system integrators need:  easy installation, flexible configuration, reduced maintenance, and aesthetic designs to fit multiple environments. With AI-based IP cameras, multi-directional cameras, on-board analytics, specialty devices, recorders and more, Hanwha Vision solutions reduce logistical headaches for any project of any scope. Learn why our solutions are right for your projects.
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Smart Hybrid Light Cameras with ColorVu are designed to upgrade security night vision in virtually any setting with always-sharply-focused images and versatile lighting options. Featuring exceptional low-light performance, they're a powerful solution for security video monitoring, day and night.
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Manage your clients' access control and security systems remotely, provide customer support as needed, switch between accounts, make necessary account modifications, and avoid unnecessary site visits to ensure customer satisfaction.
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Looking to the future of your business but not quite sure how to get where you want to be? We can help. Whether you’re launching, growing, simplifying, or even ready to sell, our Dealer Program has the tools and expertise you need.

With your local know-how, sales, and service, and our resources for monitoring, billing, and administration, we’re the perfect team. And we’re always your partner, never your boss.

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Every spring, security professionals from across Eastern Canada come together at Security Canada East, to discover the latest products and innovations, network with peers, and access leading insights from industry experts. Don’t miss your chance to join them this April 24 in Laval, Quebec.
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