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DVI video to remote destinations

Intelix, manufacturer of audio/video equipment and software, recently announced the release of the DIGI-DVIT4R-F system, which transmits DVI video from a single source to four remote destinations over twisted pair cabling.

November 22, 2007
By Staff

“The Intelix DIGI-DVIT4R-F is ideal for digital signage applications,”
explains Steve Cohan, Intelix C.E.O. “DVI signals are typically very
difficult to distribute—DVI cables are limited in length and DVI
distribution amplifiers often choke on EDID and DDC signals. The
Intelix DIGI-DVIT4R-F solves both problems with a convenient,
integrated solution.”

The Intelix DIGI-DVIT4R-F system transmits high-definition, 1920×1080
resolution DVI-D signals up to 220 feet using a single shielded Cat 6
cable. The system includes one quad output send balun, one receive
balun, and two power supplies. The send balun effectively splits a
single DVI input to four twisted pair outputs. In addition, the send
balun also features a local monitor output for local viewing or daisy

At the remote end, the receive balun converts the signal from
twisted pair back to DVI format.
The DIGI-DVIT4R-F features built-in automatic EDID (extended display
identification data) and DDC (display data channel) detection to ensure
the source and destination devices properly sync without the added
expense of third party detection hardware.


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