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Camden Door Controls has released a new line of door prop alarms that are ideal for applications requiring local alarm notification of intrusion or door forced open, as well as door held open.

August 21, 2014
By Staff

The new CX-DA Series door alarms can be either stand alone or part of an access control system, and feature a rugged design with heavy duty stainless steel faceplates. They provide an affordable and easy to implement solution to the common issue of doors being used, propped or held open without alerting facility or security staff.

The new line includes four models (CX-DA100, CX-DA200, CX-DA300 and CX-DA400) of professional grade door prop alarms that offer industry leading features from simple sounder to a feature rich door monitor alarm.

CX-DA100 door alarms provide a 95 dB audible alarm, when energized by 12 – 24 VDC power. In door control applications, power is supplied to the CX-DA100 when a magnetic door contact closes the circuit.

CX-DA200 and CX-DA300 door alarms are 12/24V AC/DC powered and provide an 80 dB. audible alarm upon activation. There is an input for a N/C magnetic door contact and a N/C SPST contact output, for connection to a (remote) signal or annunciation device. A 0 – 30 second adjustable timer provides an alarm activation delay. The CX-DA300 also provides an alarm bypass key switch, with LED indicator.

CX-DA400 Series door monitor alarms are designed to complement any access control system provide a loud 103 dB or 96 dB. audible warning with door supervision/status and a key switch alarm bypass. The voltage sensing feature monitors power on an electric lock, recognizing a change in voltage as a valid user.

Inputs include N/O or N/C Alarm Shunt, N/C Door Contact, N/O Remote Reset/Bypass and Voltage Sense Shunt. Outputs include N/O and N/C Door Contact Status, N/O and N/C Door Prop Alarm Status, N/O and N/C Intrusion/Tamper Alarm Status, N/O and N/C Bypass/Key switch Status and Remote LED. There are three adjustable timers; auto reset 0 sec. -5 min. /manual, alarm delay 0 sec. – 5 min./Infinite, and silent time 0 sec. – 90 min.

“The new line of CX-DA door alarms underscores our commitment to our customers’ success,” stated David Price, marketing manager for Camden. Each of the new models are not only feature rich but also provide an affordable solution to a common problem.”

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