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Direct marketer expands lead gen service to security surveillance

Harte-Hanks Inc., a worldwide direct and targeted marketing company, has expanded its Ci Pipeline lead generation service to include tracking of security surveillance purchasing initiatives being planned at business, government and education locations throughout the United States and Canada. Tracking includes initiatives in both hardware and software related to surveillance.

May 30, 2012  By Staff

“Lots of businesses have closed-circuit monitoring systems everywhere now, and the costs to deploy them and the associated hardware, storage and software costs keep getting lower,” said Randy Ilas, general manager of Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence. “It’s no wonder that we’re seeing interest in this practice come up so frequently in our research.”

Based on initial surveys recently completed by Harte-Hanks, which were drawn from a pool of one million locations across 14 vertical markets, approximately one in nine businesses have either already installed or are planning a security surveillance initiative. These markets include government agencies, educational institutions, banking, wholesalers and retailers.

“Surveillance used to be about securing the super computer or the bank vault. Now the emphasis is shifting to securing a company’s intellectual property, and the monitoring of the public that interacts with the business,” said Ilas.

The data collected includes initiatives at all stages of implementation, from those planning purchases within a year to those expanding existing initiative(s) across multiple locations.


In addition to tracking security surveillance initiatives, Ci Pipeline tracks planned investments for 67 technologies including cloud computing, hardware, software, networking and telecommunications.

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