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IWatchLife now integrates into any home or office Wi-Fi network without slowing down the internet connection.

September 11, 2013
By Staff

Home or office Wi-Fi networks depend on bandwidth for fast internet connections and smooth video streaming. Traditional digital video surveillance systems constantly record, which means they are constantly using bandwidth needed elsewhere.

No More Wasted Bandwidth
IWatchLife records only when something unusual happens within its predetermined zone. The IWatchLife digital system does not record constantly, so the digital video surveillance system uses a fraction of the available bandwidth when compared to traditional digital video surveillance, leaving network connections running at their optimum speeds.

Unique home security
IWatchLife engineers an intuitive, flexible system of cameras for home security that uses advanced algorithms that go beyond basic motion detection. Normal motion detectors activate regardless of the source of motion. A piece of paper blowing in the wind will activate a traditional motion detector. IWatchLife, on the other hand, knows the paper is not out of the ordinary and does not record.

Easy to set-up and flexible in its applications
Setting up the IWatchLife digital surveillance system is fast and easy. There are no wires, which makes placing cameras flexible and broadens surveillance choices. IWatchLife works as a:
Digital video baby monitor
Exterior surveillance camera
Digital video pet watcher
Elderly care monitoring system
Select a zone and draw a frame

Choose the zone the digital camera will monitor and draw a frame around an area or object in the zone. This becomes the trigger, which turns the camera on when motion occurs within the frame in that zone. While the ordinary events of the day unfold around the digital camera, it remains off. Once the framed zone senses activity the digital camera begins recording and signals the system to alert the owner. The following devices support alerts:
Windows phone
Android phone

Watch live or watch later
Once alerted, watch live from any of the above devices by using the downloadable applications available at google play or the iStore. Remote monitoring by signing into an IWatchLife digital surveillance system from any internet browser makes watching live easy.

Family safety without wasted time
Choose not to receive an alert and watch the digital camera footage at a more convenient time. With IWatchLife home security systems, video stores on a cloud until time to watch come available. The convenience of watching only the footage needed when time allows makes IWatchLife stand-out from other surveillance systems. Other systems record 24/7 and hours or days of footage must run to find the few seconds needed.