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Detect and track intruders in ‘zero’ visibility conditions

JETprotect’s automated safety and protection product, ActiveSentry, was independently tested at a US international airport. Intrusion scenarios and environmental monitoring were included in the evaluation.

December 5, 2013
By Staff

ActiveSentry is comprised of three layers to protect and take action against airfield threats:

– cSENTRY, part of the ‘ground’ layer, provides continuous monitoring of up to 7 square miles by fusing radar and camera sensors to perform uninterrupted surveillance in day, night, smoke, fire, fog, rain or snow. cSENTRY includes a precision pan/tilt to point high-zoom cameras at distant intruders detected by the VFR radar for threat evaluation. If needed, cSENTRY can push back trespassers with focused high-intensity pulsating light or audio deterrents.

– Cortex site software, the second layer, is the brain of the operation and is hosted on a 1U Blade EDGE server. Cortex communicates with multiple cSENTRY’s and existing sensors at the airport to form an umbrella of surveillance. Alerts are triggered by Cortex under a set of Rules that establish behavior of detected persons or vehicles in and around the airfield.  Geographical Zones are crafted to warn of breaches at the perimeter or in any Object Free Areas (OFA) on the airfield. The management of the Zone activity is controlled by a ‘Transition Table’ that coordinates each Zone with a set of actions in response to trespassers moving into, out of and through the Zone.

– Lieutenant, the top layer, is the responder portal to receive instant Alerts and pictures of the intruders. It also gives airport operations personnel and VIP’s access to the site to view live sensor and map data.  With Apple’s iPad and iPhone mobility products, responders on location, or in separate distant sites can monitor and control any of the ActiveSentry assets.

For the independent testing, airfield perimeter fence lines and OFA’s were defined in Cortex from a satellite map.  Zones were created by simply clicking on the map to generate polygons to establish areas matching the security goals at the airport’s perimeter. Each Zone is assigned a set of Rules to initiate actions.

“ActiveSentry is built and tested for harsh environments and has been in operation since 2011,” says Greg Johnston, CEO of Jetprotect.

Test results are available to authorized Airport Security Coordinators.

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