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Dahua USA launches thermal station for temperature monitoring

SafetyTemp measures skin temperature without personal contact

June 26, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

PHOTO: Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology announced the launch of SafetyTemp (DHI-ASI7213X-T1), a thermal temperature monitoring station. This solution measures skin temperature without personal contact and provides an accurate temperature reading to help businesses and schools assess employees, customers, students and other visitors for elevated body temperature.

Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SafetyTemp system features a portable setup that consists of a seven-inch screen and a camera with dual, 2MP, CMOS sensors. Different installation options, such as floor and desktop mounts, make SafetyTemp a versatile solution for shops, restaurants, schools, and factories that need an efficient method to assess temperatures of employees, customers, students and other visitors. This contact-free solution for monitoring temperatures uses thermal imaging technology to reduce the risk of viral transmission and deliver peace of mind.

“Thermal imaging technology allows for swift, accurate, temperature readings without personal contact,” remarked Damon Chou, solutions manager at Dahua Technology USA in a company statement. “SafetyTemp offers this technology in a compact, user-friendly station that helps businesses reopen more safely and schools better monitor their student populations during the pandemic.”

A subject must look at the camera for the system to get a temperature reading; the system will indicate whether a temperature is elevated above an operator-defined threshold. A visual display on the screen, as well as an audio alert, will let the operator know immediately when an elevated temperature has been detected.  An additional setting will alert the operator if the system detects that a subject is not wearing a mask.


“SafetyTemp’s ability to quickly scan people as they pass through an area reduces long lines and wait times for business owners and administrators who want to safeguard the health of their employees, customers or students,” Chou continued. “Dahua aims to support the reopening of schools and commerce with this simple yet powerful solution.”

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