Video Surveillance
Custom finish IP video cameras

LILIN North America has introduced an exclusive new line of custom finish video surveillance cameras that enable installers to match the surroundings where the camera is being deployed.

September 26, 2014
By Staff

As a result, the camera ideally blends into the environment, rather than stands out, to provide better surveillance protection, as well as an improved overall ambiance in homes and commercial buildings. 

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, LILIN‘s custom finish cameras are a first for the surveillance industry. The graphics provide complete coverage of the camera body, so in addition to changing its appearance, the high-gloss finish also acts as a protective shell to prevent scratches, fading and blemishes on the camera’s surface. Popular designs include camouflage, clouds, hardwood and leaf green for outdoor applications.

Installers can specify most standard LILIN IP and analog video camera models to receive a custom finish. Each custom finish is factory applied so it perfectly fits LILIN camera designs and provides unobstructed access to all camera specific buttons, sensors and compartments.

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