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Compact MegaFlash from Arecont

Arecont Vision has released a new compact cameras with MegaFlash technology in 1.3, 2, 3 or 5 megapixel formats.  The MegaFlash camera series was unveiled at the 12th Annual China Public Security Expo (CPSE) Show in Shenzhen, China.

November 2, 2009
By Staff

Arecont Vision compact cameras using MegaFlash technology can capture
megapixel-quality snapshots using a high-speed shutter synchronized
with an external strobe light for licence plate recognition (LPR) and
intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications. The cameras can
capture images of vehicles travelling up to 100 miles per hour (160
“Megapixel CMOS cameras provide exceptional frame-rate and image
clarity benefits for licence plate recognition.  However, the use of
CMOS megapixel camera technology in LPR and ITS applications has been
impeded by its inability to synchronize with a flash strobe, due to the
lack of global shutter in conventional CMOS sensors. Introduction of
sophisticated high-speed shutter in the camera effectively addresses
this problem, opening exciting possibilities with new applications in
the transportation vertical with LPR and ITS requirements.  The new
compact MegaFlash cameras further expand what is already the broadest
megapixel product line in the industry,” said Dr. Michael Kaplinsky,
CEO, Arecont Vision.
MegaFlash provides automatic camera calibration to support a wide
range of strobe lights, and the 1 millisecond (ms) speed shutter can be
triggered by a network request or the input/output connector. Depending
on the flash recharge time, the 1.3 megapixel model (AV1310MF) can
capture up to 15 images per second (ips); the 2 megapixel model
(AV2110MF) can capture up to 10 ips; the 3 megapixel model (AV3110MF)
can capture up to 7 ips; and the 5 megapixel model (AV5110MF) captures
up to 4 ips.
Product is scheduled for availability in the first quarter of 2010.

Arecont Vision

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