Classroom speaker system

TOA’s Infrared Wireless Classroom System, the IR-820SP, is a ceiling-mounted wide-dispersion speaker (with integrated receiver and amplifier). It offers 10m x 10m (30ft x 30ft) coverage. In addition to the speaker, the Infrared Classroom System includes the IR-802T, a desktop tuner and a pair of lightweight IR wireless microphones, either IR-200M (hand-held) or IR-300M (hands-free).

January 22, 2013
By Staff

The ceiling-mounted powered speaker with the infrared receiver offers a wide frequency range of high-quality sound output. It features a digital amplifier for the amplification section, and a full-range speaker for the speaker section. Use of the supplied mounting hardware and optional HY-TB1 Tile Bar Bridge permits it to be mounted to match a wide range of applications and installation locations. The system is available in an Infrared Wireless Classroom System Kit. Each kit includes an infrared wireless speaker, infrared wireless tuner, infrared wireless microphone (hands free), battery charger, one pair of Ni-MH Battery, support rails for ceiling speaker (one pair), Wall-mount bracket for tuner, 50ft. Category 5 Ethernet Cable, 3ft. 3.5mm Stereo Cable and 3ft. 3.5mm Stereo Cable, 3ft. RCA Stereo Cable.


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