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Chinese camera firm acknowledges role in massive hack

A Chinese webcam manufacturer is recalling some of its products after they were identified as a contributor to the massive Internet attack last Friday that affected Reddit, Twitter and other popular sites.

October 24, 2016  By  SP&T Staff

Numerous reports have surfaced following Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology’s statement over the weekend that it would recall affected products.

According to one such report published by BBC News:

Security experts said easy-to-guess default passwords, used on Xiongmai webcams, aided the hijacking.

The web attack enrolled thousands of devices that make up the internet of things – smart devices used to oversee homes and which can be controlled remotely.


In a statement, Hangzhou Xiongmai said hackers were able to take over the cameras because users had not changed the devices’ default passwords.

Xiongmai rejected suggestions that its webcams made up the bulk of the devices used in the attacks.

“Security issues are a problem facing all mankind,” it said. “Since industry giants have experienced them, Xiongmai is not afraid to experience them once, too.”

Read the full BBC report here.

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