Video Surveillance
Camera with 5-megapixel sensor

IDS Imaging Development Systems' Gigabit-Ethernet board-level GigE uEye LE camera series is now available featuring a high-resolution 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor from Aptina.

October 1, 2013
By Staff

This miniature camera combines best-in-class image quality with the size flexibility to successfully integrate vision into OEM devices and applications where installation space is limited.

Thanks to its 2560 x1920 pixel resolution the new uEye LE model is an ideal choice for microscopy but also for demanding industrial inspection and machine vision environments. The high bandwidth of GigE allows easy integration into multi-camera systems, while the Aptina sensor’s A-Pix technology provides enhanced sensitivity of 30 percent over the previous generation so it can used in low to moderate light conditions.

With a footprint of only 45mm x 45mm the GigE uEye LE is one of the most compact board-level Gigabit-Ethernet cameras on the market. In addition to being very small, it can be connected with maximum cable lengths of up to 100 meters. Integration is further simplified by the camera’s trigger, flash, two general purpose I/Os and an I2C-Bus for controlling external devices, along with an internal image memory of 60 MB for decoupling image acquisition and transfer.

The GigE uEye LE is available with either M12 lens holder for miniature S-mount lenses or a CS lens mount.