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Calipsa and DW integrate false alarm reduction and video management platforms

Calipsa's false alarm reduction software is compatible with all Spectrum cameras

February 1, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Calipsa and Digital Watchdog (DW) have integrated Calipsa’s false alarm filtering analytics with DW’s Spectrum IPVMS video management platform.

Calipsa’s false alarm reduction software is compatible with all Spectrum cameras and is easy to deploy with no hardware required. Once an alarm is triggered on a connected camera, Spectrum servers send video to a Calipsa cloud-based server where algorithms look for human and vehicle movement before returning genuine alarms and filtering out those that are false. The process takes about a second to complete, according to a company statement. Calipsa’s software filters out false alarms with a 99.5 per cent accuracy rate.

“Without the distraction of false alarms, command center operators may concentrate on genuine alerts — making them more effective and efficient while reducing their event response times,” Brian Baker, chief revenue officer, Calipsa, said in a prepared statement. “Also, Calipsa’s cloud-based platform provides easy and quick remote installation of upgrades and is easily scalable as end users grow their DW video systems.”

Patrick Kelly, director of IP sales for DW, said the Calipsa false alarm reduction platform’s integration is an enhancement for users of the Spectrum video management platform.


“The virtual elimination of false alarms removes a major nuisance for many enterprise video systems,” he said. “Our customers now have easy access to what we consider the leading deep-learning powered false alarm reduction system.”

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