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Written by Jennifer Brown
Axis Communications made two product announcements at the ISC West show in Las Vegas — the Q7404 — a high performance video encoder with H. 264 compression and the P33 series of fixed dome network cameras promising HDTV quality images.
Written by Bob Moore
Even in a strong economy, when security directors’ budgets are adequate, the job of selling additional video systems can be challenging. But when budgets get cut, a salesperson’s approach must be fine-tuned to ensure success. Here then are four selling tips for a down economy.
Written by Vanessa Chris
Selling a business can be a time consuming, gruelling process during the best of times. Throw a financial credit crunch and global economic crisis into the equation and it's not a surprise that most security business owners are opting to delay putting up the 'for sale' sign for at least a few more years.
Written by Staff
What is the difference between a mobile and fixed Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) application?
Written by Jennifer Brown
Whether you feel secure in your current job or not, it’s always wise to keep your job-hunting skills sharp in a tough market. Recruiting experts in the security industry say that for those who have had lucrative long-term employment it can often be a shock when they find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to look for work, especially during a downturn when competition is that much tougher.
Written by Bruce Gibson
A Visitor Management System is a completely automated software and hardware system that manages all on-premise activities for staff, visitors and contractors. With the events in the last decade, now even schools are big prospects and there are others, such as; governments, military, police/fire, companies that have government contracts, high tech, power generation, health care facilities, casinos, banks/financial, retail, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and any company that has ever experienced industrial espionage. 
Written by Jennifer Brown
Whether you feel secure in your current job or not, it’s always wise to keep your job-hunting skills sharp in a tough market.
Written by Robert Moore
To ensure a cost-effective and smooth customer rollout from analog to network video environments, you may wish to consider the following five approaches:
Written by Staff
Mike CapulliContrary to what might be perceived from all the talk within the security industry, less than 15 per cent of video surveillance applications in the Americas are buying or using IP/digital video.  We find out why and what’s coming from Mike Capulli, senior vice president of North American sales for SAMSUNG |GVI Security.
Written by Robert Moore
Indeed a new proposed standard, 802.3at, is expected to come out in 2009 and will be backward compatible with the 802.3af standard, which is about five years old. Essentially, both standards enable organizations to avoid using separate power cables in IP-based surveillance systems, but differ in the maximum power they permit.
Written by Chris Moore
Sports fans like to engage in hypothetical discussion that asks if a team were started anew, who would be the ideal player to build around? A list of qualifications is usually referenced in the selection: strength, durability, multi-dimensional skills, plays good defense and improves the performance of other teammates. 
Written by Bob Moore
Network video offerings using the H.264 standard (sometimes also referred to as MPEG-4 Part 10) provide several major advantages over those employing the older MPEG-4 Part 2 standard. This new standard eliminates two obstacles facing companies looking to go all IP: bandwidth and storage considerations.
Written by Jennifer Brown
Daniek DemersSince the acquisition of VOXCOM by Reliance Comfort (formerly Union Energy) a year ago, there have been a lot of changes with Protectron and VOXCOM. As the two companies come together as one, SP&T News talks to Reliance Protectron President and CEO Daniel Demers about the transition period.
Written by Steve Dentinger
IP edge is the generic term for placing devices at the outer boundaries of the corporate network infrastructure, often using power over Ethernet (PoE). There is little doubt that this methodology serves some applications extremely well, such as IP cameras for CCTV surveillance. Advocates of the concept for access control hold out for the promise of labour and material savings. However, the adoption of IP edge and PoE devices for security and access control applications remains a questionable idea at best.
Written by Bob Moore
New customers often ask if IP-based systems are reliable. That’s because video surveillance system downtime can jeopardize public safety and compromise the security of assets, operations and facilities. While infinite redundancy is theoretically achievable, you need to examine whether such a strategy would be cost effective and practical.  
Written by Rhonda Downey
When a business owner decides to sell his or her company, it is usually after considerable deliberation, over a long period of time. Once this monumental decision has been made, many factors come into play, not the least important of which is how the sale will be structured. There are two different ways that business sale transactions occur.  The first is to sell the assets of the business, and the other is to sell the shares of the business. While the end result is the same, that a buyer will ultimately own and operate your business, the form or structure of each type of transaction is very different. Usually sellers prefer share deals, and buyers tend to prefer asset transactions.  Why is that?
Written by Scott Adamson
What is Market Segmentation? The term simply describes a way of carving up the global list of all potential customers into smaller groups with similar characteristics or needs. This then allows you to use a more focused marketing approach geared specifically to the needs of each segment, instead of a mass-market approach.
Written by Michelle Austin
How Can an Incident Reporting and Risk Management Systems Integrate with a Digital Video Recording Surveillance Platform?
Written by Jennifer Brown
After building a company for a decade or more, deciding to sell it off can be a stressful situation that produces mixed emotions. After all, you’re ending relationships established with customers and staff as well as trying to get the most financial gain you can from something you’ve invested all your energy and money into.
Written by Jennifer Brown
Frank Pietrobono was recently elected president of CANASA. SP&T News spoke with him about his plans and vision for the association.  


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