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Written by Jimmy Palatsoukas
Intrusion and alarm panels are typically a given in most commercial installations.They not only provide basic protection of your customer’s facility but also give them the option to have their site centrally monitored by a remote central station or alarm monitoring service.
Written by JF Champagne
People who know me well will tell you how much I like technology. Since 2010, I have religiously written this column on my iPad as a way to experience how technology changes the way we communicate with people. The combination of using portable technology, writing a monthly column and occupying a role representing the Canadian Security Association, one would think that the next natural step would be a blog, or at the very least tweets. But like many of you, I do not.
Written by Jennifer Brown
Bob Lafrance talks to SP&T News about Rutherford Controls Engineered Solutions Services.
Written by Robert Moore
In my last article, we discussed the migration path from analogue to network video and alluded to what criteria integrators and their end-users should look at in choosing a network camera. Although the criteria for picking a network camera has many common themes with analogue selection (PTZ vs. fixed, outdoor vs. indoor, etc.), there are some obvious differences to consider because of advancements in network video that you cannot find with analogue cameras.
Written by Jennifer Brown
Kevin Bradley took over as president of IndigoVision’s North American operations in September 2010. He came from OnSSI where he was North American sales director and had developed an expertise in open architecture VMS systems. He now heads up sales, marketing and support in the U.S. and Canada. Six months into the position SP&T News spoke to him about how he sees the market and how manufacturers have managed to weather the downturn.
Written by Neil Sutton
Originally a spin-off from Nortel Networks, Entrust is most closely associated with encryption, digital certificates and PKI security. Its client base is largely public sector, but the company is looking to grow its private sector business and make a bigger splash in the physical/logical access space by getting more of its technology on to smart cards. Entrust CEO Bill Conner recently spoke with SP&T News about growth plans and the decision to take the company private.
Written by Jim Brown
The basis of all your estimating and pricing, indeed the basis of all your measures of profitability, are tied to your understanding of your true labour costs. Without these numbers being calculated and fixed, you are just shooting in the dark and likely missing the target. In this exercise, I want to review all of the elements you need to consider in determining these costs. And then we will look at some other trades to see how your costs and rates compare.
Written by Rob Colman
More often than not, security systems will grow as your organization grows. 
Written by Jim Brown
The environment in which we are currently operating offers far fewer opportunities for sustainable success than we enjoyed in each of the past several decades.
Written by Jennifer Brown
Mobotix is headquartered in Langmeil, Germany and produces digital, high-resolution and network-based video systems. CEO Ralf Hinker founded the company in 1999. Last fall, Steve Gorski joined the company after many years at Axis Communications. He now oversees sales, marketing and operations for the company in the Americas regions including Canada.
Written by Mark Wilson
There is simply no question that end-users want the increased benefits of digital/IP video. But they (whether end-user or integrator) run into big roadblocks on their journey from analogue to digital.
Written by Jimmy Palatsoukas
Security and IT departments working together has become part of the corporate landscape in this day and age. Whereas both were completely independent entities working within their respective silos years ago, today they work hand in hand to ensure the security of a corporation’s assets and employees. With the overlap between security and IT has come a fresh wave of functionalities that have and will continue to improve an organization’s operational efficiency. It is not uncommon today for security integrators or system manufacturers to be asked about how well a security solution meshes with the IT infrastructure.
Written by Steve Bocking
Sporting venues face a different set of security challenges than a typical commercial or industrial building. Similar to busy shopping malls and mass transit stations, they have an extremely high volume of people that pass through their doors. However, people are often more rowdy than in a subway station, as they are there to cheer on their favorite team or watch their favorite band. Thus, the security staff not only has to worry about potential serious threats, but they also have to worry about fans getting out of hand individually or sometimes as a group.
Written by Victor Harding
Most of us who have at least considered selling a business are told by our accountants plain and simple: “Sell the shares of your business (not the assets) whenever you can because you will pay less tax.” (You can take advantage of your one-time personal capital gains exemption that comes with selling the shares of a Privately Controlled Canadian Corporation.)
Written by Steve Bocking
In today’s business and economic climate, purchases are being scrutinized more as end users are looking to justify their selection based on very precise requirements.
Written by Jimmy Palatsoukas
As a manufacturer of security and safety software and equipment, one of the most often asked questions is, “Does your product easily integrate with other systems?” Without a doubt, integration between different security systems is on every security integrator’s and end user’s mind. More importantly, the need for integration has gone beyond security systems and into the realm of IT and other business systems.
Written by Jennifer Brown
Services and demand for greater data integration will top the list of trends for 2011 as organizations look to their security providers to simplify their lives for them. And that could mean improved revenues for those delivering the goods.
Written by Craig Pearson
Gore talks about going to market with the SaaS offering from Keyscan
Written by Richard Conner
Q:What benefits can retail facilities gain from updating their fire protection systems?
Written by Jennifer Brown
Inovonics produces high-performance wireless sensors and networks for commercial and life safety applications. SP&T News spoke with president Mark Jarman about Radius, a wireless situational awareness system using wireless positioning technology, which was released at ASIS International in Dallas.


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