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Building Canada’s most secure medical marijuana facility

Spearheaded by Vida’s Chief Operating Officer - 27 year RCMP veteran Derek Ogden - Vida Cannabis Corp. is leading the development of state of the art purity, safety and security in the Canadian Medical Marijuana industry.

October 30, 2014  By Staff

“Security at our facility, our staff’s safety and the integrity of our products are all key priorities that must be provided for,” says Derek Ogden, Vida Cannabis Chief Operating Officer. “We’re setting the highest standards at Vida’s advanced new clean-growth facility by designing in the same ‘level-10’ multi-layered security measures that safeguard the world’s most precious treasures and sensitive installations.”

Security measures at Vida’s 315,000 sq. ft. clean growth facility in Stellarton, Nova Scotia will include:
– Authorized-access only employee flow management
– Lab-style “clean in; clean out” measures mean all employees shower and gown-up before entering work areas ensuring that no pests or pathogens enter the building
– Employees will wear clothing devoid of pockets, eliminating inadvertent contamination, and any chance of product diversion
– Access screening of employees includes: biometrics, retinal scans plus card access denial if the supervisor is not present
– 100 % HD camera 24 hour surveillance inside and outside the entire facility
– Onsite 24/7 security personnel have the ability to see everywhere at all times via monitoring stations
– Video recordings stored for 2 years following Health Canada requirements
– 3-metre tall barbed wire fencing anchored at 2-metre depth
– A high security 200-ton vault on site for product storage

Chief Operating Officer Derek Ogden has designed and is in the process of installing the elite measures to assure the ultimate in security, 100% pristine growing conditions and uninterrupted quality at Vida Cannabis. Ogden earned his security credentials working with the best in the business. During a distinguished RCMP career he served as Officer in Charge of Drug Enforcement and Director General of the Drugs and Organized Crime branch, where he commanded 1300 investigators. He has also worked closely with Health Canada and the Departments of Defense and Justice plus the private sector where he implemented security for tobacco industry facilities across North America.

“We could not have found a more qualified individual to ensure that all our operations exceed Health Canada MMRP security requirements,” says Greg Wilson, CEO of Vida Cannabis. “Derek has unrivalled security experience which includes implementing the highest level security protocols both with the RCMP and in private Industry. Since leaving the RCMP, he’s served as Director of Security for Canada’s largest tobacco company, and has consulted on security projects in Canada, the United States and Europe. He is simply the ideal choice to make sure our operations function safely and without disruption to produce the finest quality medicine. Derek’s skills are a vital part of our mission to create leadership positioning for Vida across Canada in all critical areas of the medical marijuana industry.”


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