Video Surveillance
Bridge for wireless cameras

The Eagle Eye Bridge 304w is an on-premise bridge appliance that connects both wireless and wired cameras to the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center, as part of the Eagle Eye Security Camera Video Management System (VMS). It provides an integrated wireless access point to minimize wireless camera security vulnerability.

April 13, 2016
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff
Eagle Eye Bridge 304w for wired and wireless cameras.

Simplistic implementations of wireless camera support often use the customer’s existing wireless infrastructure. As a result, shared devices, such as PCs, can also access those wireless cameras, making those systems vulnerable to compromise, according to Eagle Eye Networks.

The Eagle Eye Bridge 304w addresses this vulnerability by including an encrypted dedicated wireless access point that is used exclusively for the cameras. Security is enhanced as the dedicated access point is the only interface to the wireless cameras.

The wireless Eagle Eye Bridge 304w:
– Supports up to 15 high definition IP cameras, of which six can be wireless.
– Works with wireless and wired cameras from a range of manufacturers, including wireless cameras from Axis, Bosch, and Hikvision.
– Provides a sleek look and a small footprint.
– Is fanless for high reliability and low noise.
– Gives customers full access to the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS.

To streamline installation, for the most popular cameras, Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS can make a temporary connection on the camera’s wired Ethernet port to automatically configure the camera’s wireless settings. This simplifies installation as it does not require Wi-Fi configuration parameters for each camera to be set manually.

The Bridge 304w configuration, including the access point, is managed by the Eagle Eye security camera system VMS. The setup is done in the cloud, offering the choice of completing the set up either on-premise, or remotely, independent of the installation. Because the cloud stores existing customer configuration information, the complexity of setting up and managing a wireless network is greatly reduced.