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Boon Edam’s Tourlock Security Door reaches 40th anniversary

Reliable security revolving door has evolved over the years, continuing to meet today’s demand for tailgating and piggybacking prevention

July 30, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

Boon Edam Inc., a security entrances and architectural revolving doors provider, announced the 40th anniversary of the launch of the company’s renowned Tourlock security revolving door. The Tourlock is used in facilities worldwide including commercial campuses and government buildings due to its high level of throughput and ability to prevent unauthorized access without the need for manned supervision.

In addition, the Tourlock has always been an automatic, “touchless” security solution requiring no contact from users during activation and operation, making it as relevant today as it was decades ago.

Mitigating Tailgating by Design

Tailgating is the most common way intruders can slip into a secure facility. The Tourlock, by design, prevents an unauthorized user from following an authorized user in the trailing compartment. This working principle removes the burden on people to “be impolite” by refusing to hold open a swing door for a stranger.


An added feature of the Tourlock is that it stops rotating in the “plus position” during a tailgating attempt. This places a “wall” between the intruder and the secure area and the intruder can only turn back and step out of the door, while the authorized user continues onward into the secure area without any interference.

Preventing Piggybacking with Sophisticated Technology

The Tourlock combines premium construction with the option to include the intelligence of a sophisticated, near-infrared detection technology housed in the ceiling, called StereoVision. StereoVision scans each compartment during rotation to verify that a user is alone before allowing them to enter a secure facility. If more than one person is detected, the door will stop rotating and alarm, then slowly rotate backwards, forcing both users to exit the door.

The technology in StereoVision is able to function reliably in a wide variety of lighting environments, including outdoor lighting. Its reliable performance over the years has proven to be an extremely reliable method of preventing piggybacking into a secure area without the excessive false rejections.

Add-Ons for Increased Security

For added security, the Tourlock security door on a building envelope can be outfitted with Level 3 bullet-resistant glass, capable of stopping three .44 magnum bullets. Additionally, biometric identity verification devices can be attached to the end post or a pedestal to provide a highly secure and touchless authorization method.

Integrated Diagnostic Software for Fast Service Resolutions

The Tourlock was recently upgraded to include an integrated, IP-enabled software platform called BoonConnect that helps technicians diagnose the door and get it running quickly should there be an outage. An on-site technician simply logs in from a remote laptop, cell phone or tablet and can review performance data as well as diagnostic information about the door’s sensors, drive system, motor and more.

“We at Boon Edam owe a great deal of our success to the Tourlock in the last 10 years. It’s been critical in meeting the growing security requirements of the Fortune 500 and along with our turnstile offering has helped launch our Enterprise team to the level of success they have today,” said Valerie Anderson, president and managing director, Boon Edam, Inc., in a prepared statement “Even after 40 years, the demand for reliable security at the entry has only continued to increase and the Tourlock continues to prove itself time and time again.”

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