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Boon Edam’s new mapping tool enables long-term entrance planning

BoonSelect is a decision tool that breaks down the complex and important decisions around securing facilities from intrusion at the entry.

June 24, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Boon Edam Inc. announced a new solution mapping tool, BoonSelect, that breaks down the  entry selection process and helps decision makers choose the right entrance solutions.

Being responsible for making the decision to implement new security turnstiles or revolving doors at a facility can be a challenge. Security and Facility Managers are responsible for the safety and security of all who enter a campus or facility via its entrances. And each entrance location has a different set of users, traffic levels, security requirements, and environmental requirements.

BoonSelect outlines seven decision factors to be considered prior to an entrance implementation strategy:

  • Throughput – Types of users and number of users, especially at peak traffic periods?
  • Security – Tailgating deterrence, detection or prevention? Remote locking?
  • Safety – Local codes and fire or evacuation strategies?
  • Aesthetics – Entrances blend in or stand out?
  • Technology – Integration capabilities with new or future technologies?
  • Comfort – Ease of use? Energy efficiency?
  • Service – Planned preventative maintenance and user training?

“BoonSelect is an efficient driver for starting productive conversations that our customers appreciate,” said JC Powell, vice-president of sales at Boon Edam Inc., in a prepared statement. “A client will often ask for an entrance solution that does not meet the overall security goals or traffic requirements of their facility. BoonSelect helps all the stakeholders explore what they don’t know and think about their overall risk posture, and eventually come to the best entrance decision for their unique facility or campus.”


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