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Boon Edam launches security entrance instructional video program

Boon Edam Inc. has launched security entrance instructional videos designed to deliver access to installation procedures for service technicians in the Americas.

March 6, 2018  By  SP&T Staff

Any registered technician working on a Boon Edam security entrance with internet access can watch these videos. The company says this will ensure a smoother installation and improve overall customer service.

Boon Edam says it has experienced double-digit sales growth of security products in the past five years. But as the rate of product installations has increased, the company says, phone calls from onsite technicians with questions have also increased.

To stem the tide of this increased service demand, Kevin Thomasson, VP of customer experience, and Sam Nussman, technical services manager, developed the video program to provide access to installation procedures ahead of time. Now, during installation prep calls, the company sends the installing technicians a link to the product video they need.

“Each video shows them everything they need to know, from uncrating the product to commissioning; if they watch a video they really could do it all themselves and never pick up the phone with a question,” said Nussman, who shot and produced each video.


The videos are currently available in English on Boon Edam’s Tourlock 180+90 security revolving door, the Circlelock mantrap portal and the Speedlane Lifeline Swing optical turnstile. The videos range from five to 15 minutes long.

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