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Boon Edam Inc. introduces new product names for security turnstiles

Following the launch of a new brand and websites across the globe on January 24th, Boon Edam Inc. announced it has updated the product names of its full height and tripod turnstiles.

February 9, 2014  By Staff

The turnstiles have been renamed to serve customers across many industries and countries and also fall in line with other product names offered by Boon Edam internationally.
Upon the 2005 acquisition of Tomsed Corporation, the largest turnstile manufacturer in the USA, Boon Edam Inc. continued to build Tomsed turnstiles at its North Carolina plant. The turnstile names were left unchanged to serve existing Tomsed customers as well as new Boon Edam customers.
“Since the acquisition, Boon Edam has experienced growth and achieved a strong customer base in the Americas and abroad including multinational companies,” says Mark Borto, CEO of Boon Edam Inc. “With the launch of our new brand, it was time to officially recognize the aesthetic enhancements and product improvements Boon Edam has made over the past 7 years to these turnstiles and incorporate them into Boon Edam’s global product family. If you are installing a turnstile in the USA, Europe or China, the name is the same and our global customers will appreciate that.”
The names of the turnstiles have been changed as follows:
All tripod (3-arm) turnstile models are now called “Trilocks.”
TUT-50 is now “Trilock 50”
TUT-60 is now “Trilock 60”
TST-75 is now “Trilock 75”

All full height turnstiles were completely re-engineered in phases during 2012 and 2013 and are now called “Turnlocks.”
THT-100 is now “Turnlock 100”
THT-100ASTG is now “Turnlock 150 ASTG”
THT-100EL is now “Turnlock 200 EL”
THT-100CSTG is now “Turnlock 250 CSTG”

Boon Edam Inc. ships turnstiles and parts to other Boon Edam subsidiaries worldwide and the Trilock and Turnlock names are now consistently used in all locations.


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