Access Control
Biometric solution

SafeRise is an In Motion Identification system that allows approved users, as well as their approved visitors and service providers, to enter a building through a fusion of biometric recognition, voice and license plate recognition.
SafeRise uses facial characteristics and measurements specific to an individual to identify them as they approach. On every entry, the system creates behavioral parameters, then correlates those with the person's typical behaviour profile. The auto-learning algorithm updates the personal profile to create an up-to-date score for each tenant. SafeRise, when requested by a visitor at the door, can automatically call a tenant to verify access. SafeRise also recognizes a pre-authenticated person’s voice in order to automatically open the door in response. Upon vehicle exit, SafeRise LPR and recognition technologies combine to automatically cross reference the licence plate number with a database of authorized drivers if an unauthorized driver is detected. SafeRise's video analytics functionality includes a people counter, speed and density measurements, and tailgating and color detection.


January 15, 2013
By Staff

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