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Battery-powered wireless keypad

Camden Door Controls has released the new CM-120TX battery operated 915 Mhz wireless keypad. This back-lit weather resistant keypad features 999 user codes (with 10 million variable length codes) and up to 90,000 operations using inexpensive ‘AA’ alkaline batteries.

January 6, 2015
By Staff

CM-120TX battery operated wireless keypads also feature an exclusive battery test gauge, low battery alarm, auto enrollment and a range of programmable features including REX and door contact inputs, global lock out and much more. CM-120TX keypads are compatible with Camden CX-RX91 (1 relay) and CM-RX92 (2 relay) wireless receivers.

Its two-channel wireless communications allows users to be assigned to activate wireless channels #1, #2 or both. The CM-120TX is ideal for mounting on glass doors, outdoor posts, gates, or anywhere running wire is unsightly or prohibitively expensive.

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