Barix announces Wi-Fi voice paging app for iOS

The Barix Wi-Fi Paging App, now available in the iTunes App Store, enables zoned voice paging from iOS devices on commercial, public and residential properties.  Barix’s open-standards approach turns nearly any VoIP or IP Audio receiving device into a simple IP paging/announcement system.  Besides the full range of Barix IP Audio devices, many IP phones are supported, as well as third-party IP Paging gateways and speakers. A one-time configuration process ensures that users can quickly set up a paging solution for immediate and ongoing use.

February 1, 2012
By Staff

Upon download, users add existing paging receivers such as IP phones, IP speakers or VoIP paging gateways in the setup part of the application.  Multicast addresses can be used to set up zones with multiple receiving devices.  Configurations are stored within the app or an optional location device, ensuring a one-time setup process per site.  For existing Barix customers, the configuration process can automatically discover Barix IP Audio devices.

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