Access Control
B Series control panels

Bosch Security Systems has added new features to its B Series Control Panels, making them easier to use and maintain. With firmware 2.01, the panels offer improved text and e-mail alerts, expanded language capabilities and remote firmware updates of peripheral devices. Customers can now use the B Series Control Panel’s built-in Ethernet connection to send e-mail or text alerts for system events.

October 11, 2013
By Staff

With this capability, a cellular connection is no longer required for these alerts, reducing costs for the user. In addition, user names, point names and area names are included in the notifications to make them easier to understand.
The new firmware also adds French and Portuguese language capabilities, in addition to English and Spanish. Customers can select two languages per system and choose which one to display for each keypad or for each user. Text messages and email alerts can also be displayed in the user’s selected language to simplify operation.
In addition, technicians can now update the firmware in keypads or other SDI2 devices using the company’s Remote Programming Software Firmware Update Wizard. This allows for feature upgrades to be added to peripheral devices over the local USB port, Ethernet or cellular connections, which can eliminate costly service calls.
These new features further enhance the B Series Control Panels, which are modern Internet appliances with built-in IP communication and a free app for mobile operation. They are the first control panels compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6, and they feature an on-board USB connection and plug-in communication modules for easy adoption of new technologies. DNS support for remote access and central station communications enables simple IP setup without complicated programming tools.
B Series includes two models that meet the needs of a wide variety of facility configurations. The B5512 supports 48 points of protection and four areas, and the B4512 monitors 28 points of protection and two areas. The series is ideal for retail stores, banks, office buildings, government locations, schools, and many other commercial and residential applications.