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Axis’ supplier affected by earthquake in Japan

Axis Communications is warning that damage to a manufacturing facility in Japan could lead to production problems later in the year for several Axis products.

May 3, 2016  By  SP&T Staff

The severe earthquakes which struck Japan mid-April caused damage to a Sony sensor manufacturing plant. These sensors are used in several Axis products. The company says this could lead to limited supply of a number of Axis Communications’ network video products by the end of this year.

The epicenter of the earthquake was just outside the city of Kumamoto, where Sony has its manufacturing plant. The extent of the damage to the plant and how it will affect production is under investigation.

Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications, expressed his sorrow and concern for those that were killed and injured in the earthquakes on April 14 and 16. He sais Axis will “do everything we can to limit the risks that come with a possible future shortage of sensors from Sony’s factory.” One possibility is using other types of sensors. Also, the company has its own stock of sensors that will cover production needs for the near future, said Mauritsson. “Based on the information we have at this point, we believe that a limited supply of sensors from Sony could have effect on our sales towards the end of 2016.”


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