Axis introduces surveillance modelling tool for CAD

Axis Communications, has introduced Axis Camera Families, a collection of 3D surveillance camera models to be used with Autodesk Revit software.

February 5, 2013
By Staff

Axis Camera Families provides 3D camera models to illustrate what the camera set-up will look like in real life and which areas the surveillance system will cover once installed.

“We have used Axis Camera Families in CCTV designs for our clients,” said Todd Kotlaba, Associate & Systems Project Manager at TLC Engineering for Architecture, who received an early release of Axis Camera Families. “The true 3D models of the cameras provide us with the ability to run clash detection and conflict avoidance simulation with other building systems, such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing, to avoid routing conflicts and obstructions to a camera’s intended field of view.”

With the new 3D models, security system designers can place different Axis network camera icons directly into CAD building plans to illustrate what the real life camera set-up will look like once installed and simultaneously showcase the areas that the surveillance system will cover. This allows designers to see exactly how the cameras fit into the building layout while helping to reduce unexpected blind spots by detecting if a camera’s field of view will be obstructed by columns or walls.

Axis Camera Families for Autodesk Revit, which includes the vast majority of Axis network cameras, is available free of charge for existing Axis partners and members of the Axis A&E Program.

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