Video Surveillance
Automated LPR from Genetec

The AutoVu SharpV is a new fixed ALPR (automated license plate recognition) camera with onboard processing from Genetec.

March 7, 2017
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff

AutoVu SharpV is designed for fixed ALPR installations. It can be tied into citywide video surveillance systems to improve forensic investigations, reporting, monitoring, and is suited for controlling access to corporate facilities, as well as managing off-street parking facilities.

Featuring a new design, the AutoVu SharpV can be mounted on walls or poles. With power and communication transferring through a Power-over- Ethernet plus (PoE+) connection, and a varifocal lens design that allows installers to easily adjust the focal distance of the camera on site for optimal image capture, the new SharpV simplifies system specification and provides flexibility during deployment. With high-definition ALPR and context cameras and onboard processing in a single device, the SharpV can detect and read any type of licence plate on the edge, and includes various analytics such as vehicle make and direction of travel.