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Ask The Expert: DVR integration

How Can an Incident Reporting and Risk Management Systems Integrate with a Digital Video Recording Surveillance Platform?

March 13, 2008  By Michelle Austin

In the security, surveillance and risk management world, information is
the currency for any security related department to operate
efficiently. The need created is for risk management environments to
pull real-time information together in order to be able to effectively
report on incidents that are occurring across multi-property systems.
This extends across any risk managed environment from corporate
security, casinos, retail and the like.

Envisage a “front desk” security information solution which integrates
all key transactions performed by the security desk personnel. From
this desktop they can manage all visitor transactions, provide log and
incident reports, access specified DVR cameras for live and stored
images, run facial recognition applications, lost and found
transactions, issue work orders, receive alerts from other related
security systems and issue or respond to security dispatches.

When you move into a converged system environment, you are able to
capitalize on the information that is coming in, from a variety of
sources including digital video recording surveillance platforms and
use it efficiently. This in itself becomes a return on investment by
reducing administration overheads.

Available modular systems enable security managers to select
media/video clips from their existing digital video recording
surveillance platform and attach the clips to the related incident to
maximum reporting results. These types of systems offer a high degree
of flexibility, avoid product obsolescence and enable the security
director to select only the video clips that are required for their
unique operation to collect, manage, and control security / risk
related information.  


An Intelligent Digital Video Recorder System delivers a complete
expandable real-time digital video recording and playback solution for
the security and surveillance marketplace. With easy to use intuitive
software available for complete digital video management, these
integrated systems allow individuals to quickly and effectively search
and isolate video events at multiple locations from any number of

By employing multiple overlays of best of breed technologies in Digital
Video Recording Systems and integrating these into a converged incident reporting platform, security, surveillance and safety environments are
able to make better use of information and outcomes. This provides
measurable and dramatic efficiency improvements in security and risk
data collection, with real-time identification and access, while
providing a centralized view of all security-related incident history.

Integration has enabled a high degree of centralization of security
information and automation to create a transparent seamless security
infrastructure. Systems integration of digital video recording
surveillance systems are becoming a standard, providing automated
control of media/video capture for incident reporting.

The over all goal of a converged system is to have one program which
monitors, integrates and allows reporting on all key security and risk
management transactions in one centralized common platform.

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