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ADT has released the first Sensormatic pinless anti-shoplifting tag.The Sensormatic UltraLite PT can help retailers protect a broad range of items including jeans, leather goods, shoes and handbags that might be more difficult to tag with traditional anti-theft tags, which are pinned to products.

November 2, 2009
By Staff

The new tags not only help retailers protect more merchandise and
decrease losses, they also enhance the customer shopping experience by
allowing retailers to openly display items for easy access by the

Designed with an adjustable spring-loaded metal clip, the Sensormatic
UltraLite PT easily attaches to products without penetrating any
material. The clip compresses firmly onto merchandise, closing tightly
enough to prevent unauthorized removal without damaging items. Its
one-piece design allows the Sensormatic UltraLite PT to be more easily
applied and removed at the checkout counter.

Retailers need solutions that address a variety of tagging challenges
for merchandise such as leather goods and high-end apparel, according
to Jeff Bean, vice president, Retail Sales and Operations for ADT.
 Benefits include:
An adjustable metal clip that accommodates a wide variety of products
including shoes, handbags, clothing, sporting goods and other
hard-to-tag items. 
One-piece construction makes for easy and quick tagging of merchandise,
so products are quickly available for purchase. A small, sleek design
that is a strong visual deterrent without detracting from the
merchandise on display. A high level of security as the tag remains
firmly in place and is extremely difficult to remove without damaging
the merchandise.
Ease of removal by authorized staff improving customer service at




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