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Amika Mobile and Mobility Insight announce connected vehicle systems for intelligent borders

Amika Mobile and Mobility Insight (Mobi) have announced a collaborative project focused on intelligent border security and connected vehicle systems. The two companies are working on a joint project for the Government of Canada with partial support from CIIRDF.

November 1, 2017  By  SP&T Staff

Canadian border crossing

Mobi is leveraging Amika Mobile’s Amika Mobility Server (AMS) platform for critical and emergency communications with hybrid Cloud and on-Premise capability. The AMS is a patented AI-based intelligent agent platform that can process thousands of events while discovering mobile devices in public places like border crossings and airports to assist in critical situations and evacuations as a crisis unfolds. It enables situational awareness, information sharing, two-way communications across devices and networks and control through advanced integration with physical security, including gunshot detection sensors to trigger lockdowns with looped voice over the paging system.

AMS also alerts and tracks response from any communication layer including Connected Vehicles, Callouts, VoIP, SMS, Pop-ups, Push, Email, overhead monitors, digital signs, Twitter or tickers, based on sensor events from gunshot detectors, access control, fire panels, camera systems, VMS, building automation, government agency or weather alerts, panic buttons, and Mobi’s IoT sensor network.

Mobi’s cloud system and IoT sensor network allow prediction and analytics and optimization of traffic. Through improved traffic-related situational awareness and performance indicators, Mobi says their solutions enable real-time decisions about road congestion and a better understanding of citywide traffic patterns. The company leverages data fusion from legacy systems, intelligent sensors, V2X and DSRC.

“This project is a unique use of connected vehicle technology for mobility optimization. Our ability to manage demand and reduce bottlenecks is key to the future of mobility and reduced traffic congestion. Intelligent border crossings are an ideal use case of Mobi’s solutions, and together with Amika Mobile, we are able to bring this innovative solution to the security market,” said Dov Ganor, CEO, Mobility Insight.


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