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Allied Universal announces new GSOC services and partners

Allied Universal, a leading facility services company and security force, announced its new Global Security Operations Center as a Service (GSOCaaS) offering at ASIS 2017.

September 27, 2017  By  SP&T Staff

Allied Universal’s Monitoring and Response Center (MaRC)

GSOCaaS is available in the company’s Monitoring and Response Center (MaRC), based in Richardson, Texas.

MaRC is a focused recruiting operation that provides specialized sourcing of GSOC operators and analysts that can be dedicated at a client’s location or reside inside the MaRC.

These resources are essential for the analysis, reporting and communication of critical events, as well as managing all physical and operational information workflow, the company says.

“Businesses are seeking the best practices and technology to prepare and prevent threats, minimize risk and keep their employees and assets safe,” said Ty Richmond, Allied Universal President, Integrated Security Solutions and Technology. “Through our new GSOC offerings and partners, we’re providing a single sourcing capability with the latest platforms and tools to accomplish this in an ever-evolving and complex world.”


The driving force behind the GSOC is Swan Island Networks’ TX360 situational awareness and threat intelligence platform and ThreatMinder’s social media monitoring product, in conjunction with Allied Universal’s MaRC analyst and operator infrastructure.

The TX360 cloud-based platform can sort through over 1,000 open source data channels to identify situational intelligence that is critical in a crisis, allowing security professionals to make decisions with real-time alerts and a comprehensive common operating picture of intel.

Meanwhile, Threatminder uses proprietary technologies to monitor, analyze and notify business of potential threats across the web, dark web and social media. A 24×7 system also provides insight into possible risk and liability, allowing analysts to categorize and communicate possible danger in real time when a threat is detected.

Additionally, LiveSafe mobile safety communications software and Groupdolists, a platform that digitizes Security Operations Center operating procedures and processes, are included in the offering.

LiveSafe provides a mobile security system to everyone in an organization, deputizing employees so they can feel empowered to “do something when they see something.” Users can send text, photos, videos and precise location information to report incidents, and the cloud-based command dashboard receives tips in real time and allows security officials to respond via secure live chat.

Finally, Groupdolists, powered by Centrallo, “simplifies team coordination” in routine and emergency events by creating a common operating picture across Security Operations Centers and dispersed response teams, keeping them synchronized throughout a situation.

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