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All-weather hailer

For emergency response teams or anyone needing to transmit announcements under challenging conditions, AmpliVox offers its SW6240 All-Weather Hailer System.

February 26, 2015
By Staff

This rugged, portable system can be set up by one person and put into service anywhere, regardless of rough terrain or harsh weather. Combined with two-way MURS radios, the system can be used to broadcast messages from up to two miles away.

The AmpliVox All-Weather Hailer Kit includes a communication unit and set of two tripod-mounted speakers. The contractor-grade aluminum tripod features quick release clamps to adjust leg height on uneven terrain. The system uses a pair of two-way MURS radios (available separately), one acting as a receiver enclosed in the Hailer Kit’s weatherproof box and the other acting as the user’s transmission microphone. This radio connection allows users to transmit from a safe distance, up to two miles from the Hailer Kit’s location. Multiple stations can be set up at different locations and activated to work as a group to cover larger areas. The system also includes a flex antenna, rechargeable battery, integral charger, and 110V AC power supply. All electronics are housed in a sealed, fully weatherproof carrying case.

“The All-Weather Hailer meets the needs of anyone who operates under extreme conditions,” said Don Roth, CEO of AmpliVox. “It will be a great asset to all types of emergency response teams, as well as schools, athletic venues, performance spaces, and anywhere you need portable, durable sound amplification. The radio connection allows users to transmit instructions remotely, to improve safety and efficiency for all involved.”

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