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Alarm Lock Systems controls exit doors

Alarm Lock Systems Inc’s Sirenlock Model 715 controls unauthorized use of exit doors and provides 15- to 30-second delayed egress with a 95db Dual Piezo alarm.

February 13, 2008
By Staff

The surface mount unit is a deadbolt/deadlatch standard panic bar that
meets UL specifications and the NFPA 1012 Life Safety Code and comes
with an armoured door cord and cables for wiring.
A CCTV camera, smoke detector, secondary siren or remote monitoring
console can be programmed to simultaneously work with the device. As
well, additional relays peripherals can be hooked up to it. However,
they must be connected to the user’s existing fire system or
stand-alone smoke detector in order to open immediately in case of an
actual emergency such as a fire.

Alarm Lock Systems Inc.

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