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Alarm.com acquires assets from video analytics firm Vintra

April 26, 2023  By  SP&T Staff

Alarm.com announced the acquisition of substantially all assets of Vintra, a software provider of AI-powered video analytics for the enterprise commercial market.

According to the company, integrating Vintra’s software capabilities and its science and engineering teams will expand Alarm.com’s deep learning program and accelerate deployment of advanced video analytics solutions for the Alarm.com and OpenEye platforms.

Launched in 2016, Vintra’s cloud platform is able to transform data from video management systems into actionable intelligence. Vintra’s AI models can track a range of objects and events, including a specific person, two or four-wheeled vehicles, bags, or a person-down situation. Its re-identification algorithm can track a person of interest across hundreds of cameras in real-time and can search large amounts of video recordings to find video clips of the person of interest within minutes.

“The Vintra team adds to Alarm.com’s science and engineering expertise in the field of AI and machine learning, and we’re excited to welcome them on board,” said Jeff Bedell, Alarm.com’s president of ventures business and corporate strategy, in a statement. “The acquisition expands the specialization of Alarm.com’s AI team and will extend our leadership in this important domain. Our goal is to deploy market-defining video analytics solutions, scale them across the Alarm.com and OpenEye platforms, and open new areas of growth for our service provider and integrator partners.”


Alarm.com acquired Vintra’s core intellectual property, its research scientists, software engineers, and technical services teams as part of the acquisition. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed at the time of closing.

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