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System Provides Compliancy with T-Coil Stations

When your business is a key part of a local community, you want to make sure it’s as inclusive as possible where everyone can take part on an equal footing. This was the case for a large house of worship which needed to improve communication with its members and guests who had a range of hearing difficulties.

On days when public events were not scheduled, the doors were kept locked. Anyone who needed to get into the building would have to call inside to get access. Unfortunately, it was difficult to clearly talk from inside the building to anyone waiting outside, and the door buzzer was muffled and hard to hear.

What should be a straightforward communication was frustrating for all; a better solution was needed. Since an ADA compliant induction loop system was already working in one part of the building, the best solution was to extend this same functionality to other areas.

Read up on how this house of worship updated its security system to better serve the many members with t-coil compliant hearing devices.

Senior Living Center Chooses Flexible Intercom App

The management team for a large senior living center needed a security system that kept their active and outgoing residents safe without restricting their activities or complicating after-hour visitation with family and friends.

Since the facility had an open layout with multiple doors often left unlocked during regular hours, it was a challenge to design just the right security system. Residents enjoyed many visitors and frequently interacted with an on-site concierge, but they also needed to respond to personal deliveries at any time.

The requirements were challenging. It had to be flexible and easy to use, yet also provide the needed security during the day and weekends. Installing in-unit video intercoms and offering a mobile app perfectly fit into the seniors’ busy lifestyle while offering added security and peace of mind for management, family members, and staff.

Read more about how this busy senior living center solved multiple security challenges while offering increased safety and flexibility.

Retail Shop Keeps Everyone Safe with App Solution

The owner of a small retail dress shop needed to act swiftly against a rash of increasing crime in her shop’s surrounding neighborhood. Protecting employees and customers was her number one concern while also efficiently running the day-to-day business.

Because of how the dress shop was laid out, employees could be in several different areas without a direct view of the front door or the delivery entrance.

The business owner and employees needed a solution to solve three key problems:
• Easily identify visitors from any space within the shop

• If the reception area was unattended, someone could still respond to visitors

• Provide more freedom for employees who would need to run errands without waiting for deliveries

By adding vandal-resistant video intercoms to each entrance, the staff could visually identify and clearly communicate with any visitor or customer. This two-way communication provided the safety everyone needed while improving customer service.

Read more about this small retail dress shop met all its security needs without changing how it did business or frustrating its customers.

Antiquated Intercom System Put High School at Risk

After many years of patches and well-meaning attempts to fix an aging intercom system at a small high school, the time had come to find a more reliable solution. At this point, the system barely functioned and could no longer consistently communicate across the many rooms within the main building.

In an emergency, there was no reliable way to alert students and staff; this needed to be resolved before anyone got hurt. Postponing was no longer an option.

As with many schools, funding was limited and difficult to secure. Fortunately, a grant application was approved and supplemental matching funds from the PTA covered the necessary system upgrades. Once installation was completed, clear and reliable connections were readily available to all classrooms, teachers’ lounge, main office, principal’s office, and more. This new system also included video intercoms to safely manage visitor access from multiple entrances.

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