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Aiphone announces intercom entrance station is hearing aid-compatible

This integration will offer enhanced audio capabilities for individuals wearing T-coil-compatible hearing aids

December 4, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

Aiphone is announcing its IXG Series tenant, guard, and entrance stations are integrated with Telecoil (T-Coil) to assist individuals with hearing loss or impairments who wear compatible devices.

This integration allows the IXG-DM7-HID IP Video Entrance Station to send out an electromagnetic signal that the T-Coil within a person’s hearing aid picks up – allowing the hearing aid and the intercom system to directly connect to produce a clearer sound and to remove audio interference.

“The Telecoil integration is important to ensure Aiphone’s intercom and security communication products can be easily used by individuals who are hearing impaired and require the assistance of a hearing aid,” said Brad Kamcheff, marketing manager for Aiphone Corp., in a prepared statement. “More than 13 per cent of people in the United States report some difficulty with hearing and Aiphone wants to ensure that our devices support accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

According to a company statement, when a hearing-impaired individual approaches an intercom, the sound signal is connected to an amplifier, which generates a current to pass the signal to the induction loop. The loop then produces an electromagnetic field and is then picked up by the T-Coil. As each hearing aid individually tailors the sound to the specific needs of the individual, the integration with T-Coil allows for reduced background noise and the full spectrum of sound frequencies required for intelligibility will be available.


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