Addressable Node Expander supports up to 122 nodes

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell has  developed an ANX (Addressable Node Expander) to expand the capacity of its E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation systems to support up to 122 nodes (for control panels and other modules) and more than 75,000 addressable device points on one network. The ANX can also connect E3 Series networks with Gamewell-FCI's FocalPoint graphic workstations to provide more detailed monitoring information and control of additional system functions remotely and at high-speeds via a new Ethernet connectivity feature.

The ANX was developed to expand the E3 Series network's capacity from 64 nodes to nearly double this previous size, allowing for more flexibility in the expansion and reconfiguration of systems, both new and currently installed. Military posts and industrial, school and other multi-building campus applications are major drivers of demand for larger fire protection and mass notification systems from Gamewell-FCI.

The ANX is a network interface board that facilitates a greater exchange of data between E3 Series systems and the Gamewell-FCI FocalPoint workstation PC, commonly utilized by facility managers, security personnel and first responders to monitor a network of multiple systems. Serving as a high-tech network command station, FocalPoint software can now allow authorized users to enable/disable individual or groups of points; deploy pre-recorded voice notifications to specific areas or throughout an entire facility; control various network events via acknowledge, silence and reset commands; and more.

The high-speed performance provided by a new Ethernet connection not only speeds system performance, but enables remote monitoring of the network via IP.

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell

August 10, 2010
By Staff

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