Add-on products for UHF wireless system

TOA Canada Corporation has introduced special add-on products that can be used with any 5000 series microphone of the correct frequency band for on-site tours, multi language dialog and extended listening coverage in difficult or noisy situations. The WT-5100 Wireless Portable receiver allows up to 16 different frequencies to be received by user selection and an optimized PLL-synthesizer minimizes the oscillation frequency drift resulting from ambient temperature or voltage fluctuations.

November 1, 2013
By Staff

The WT-5100 receiver uses a single TOA WB-2000-2 rechargeable battery or a single AA battery allowing 15-16 hours of operation. With built in antenna and single battery use, the WT-5100 is a compact and lightweight receiver.

The companion YP-E5000 Assist Earphone has a frequency response of 300Hz – 15k Hz and comes with a  -3.5 mm phone plug and three different suspension rings to fit various ear sizes.

In developing the products, TOA’s goal was to provide an Ideal, easy-to-use system for tour groups where the spoken word is important. Museums, factories and any spoken word presentations would benefit from this device where ambient noise levels may interfere with the instructor

Also since the system is multi-channel, different languages can be transmitted simultaneously and the listening user can tune in the appropriate dialogue.

“When it comes to sound, TOA has all the bases covered”, said Rico Lucia, National Sales Manager for TOA Canada. “We continually add to and develop products that will help our customers in a diverse range of situations.”

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