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ACRE launches Feenics One mobile app

March 30, 2022  By SP&T Staff

ACRE has announced the availability of its Feenics One Mobile App to allow for the management of an employee’s digital identity.

“We can’t wait to get Feenics One into the hands of our customers,” stated Jeff Ross, director of global marketing for Feenics.

“Mobile credentials can be managed directly within Feenics, customers can enable two-factor authentication for access authorization at doors, and Feenics One even allows for password-less login capabilities to Feenics’ cloud-based access control and visitor management applications.”

Other capabilities of Feenics One include the ability for employees to audit their door access history and receive real-time security-related push notifications directly to their phone.


“Feenics One greatly improves the user experience of an organization’s employee, visitor, and contractor population, empowering them to navigate their daily work experience better while providing access to critical personal information and communications,” added Sam Shalaby, CEO for Feenics.

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