Access Control
Access control for remote sites

CyberLock, a Videx product, is an access control solution for remote sites that have no access to power.

July 7, 2009
By Staff

It uses the mechanical lock hardware and padlocks that are already
present at a site, and installs without hardwiring. CyberLock gives
management the ability to track contractors and employees in situations
where multiple companies may be sharing control rooms, equipment sheds,
or other protected areas.

Owners know when vendors visit their sites
because the product records openings and exceptions such as
unauthorized attempts to gain access. Each electronic key can be
programmed to open selected locks and padlocks on specific days and

The key contains the access privileges each employee requires.
Keys can be set with a date to begin operation as well as an expiration
date. The electronic key cannot be duplicated and a missing key can be
quickly deactivated.

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